M.2 SSD Thermal Pad
Thermally conductive M.2 SSD interface pad is versatile and suitable for use between components and their heatsinks. Pad moulds around uneven surfaces.
product code: AK-TT140-01
T5 Pro-Grade+
Ultra-performance thermal paste for your CPU or GPU for superior heat transmission to the heatsink. Composed of nano-diamond particles for exceptional thermal conductivity. Perfect for overclocking enthusiasts and high-end systems.
product code: AK-T565-5G
T5 Essential
Easily apply hi-performance thermal paste to your CPU and GPU. Developed for higher thermal conductivity with non-curing properties for fast acting peak performance. Perfect for standard systems while maintaining quality with 10-20 applications.
product code: AK-T505-5G
Double-Sided Thermal Conductive Adhesive Tape
Perfect for bonding heatsinks to chipsets or other components requiring strong fixing in a hot environment. 80x80mm.
product code: AK-TT13-80
TIM Wipe Kit
All-in-one chipset preparation kit complete with 5g of high-performance AK-455 thermal compound, a spreader and 5 individually packaged cleaning wipes pre-moistened with TIM Clean fluid. Perfect for every PC enthusiast.
product code: AK-TCW-03
TIM Wipes
10 individually packaged cleaning wipes come moistened with TIM Clean fluid to remove all thermal interfaces. Convenient solution for cleaning CPU, GPU and chipset surfaces, or heatsink bases for the application of new thermal interface. Safe citrus-based solvent leaves no residue.
product code: AK-TCW-02
Pro-grade 5026
When every degree matters, get more from your cooler. Originally bundled with Akasa’s premium fanless cases since 2017, Pro-grade+ 5026 provides hi-reliability and excellent thermal performance, even at lo-pressures.
product code: AK-TC5026
Thermal gap filler
Akasa thermal gap filler is a thermally conductive interface pad which is versatile and suitable for use between components and their heat sinks.
Two sizes: 1.5 and 5mm thickness
product code: AK-TT300-01 / AK-TT300-02
5g syringe of high performance thermal compound AK-455 complete with a spreader card and 125ml of TIM Clean fluid for professional chipset preparation. Must have accessory for every PC enthusiast.
product code: AK-MX004
Pro-grade 5022
Get more from your cooler. AMD recommended Pro-grade+ 5022 provides ultimate thermal performance even at low pressures. 3.5g with spreader card.
product code: AK-TC5022
Pro-grade 460
Get more from your cooler. Pro-grade 460 Silicone-technology, evolutionary thermal compound for outstanding thermal performance. 3.5g with spreader card.
product code: AK-460
Performance Compound 455
Get more from your cooler. New improved formula 455 delivers high thermal performance; even at low pressures. 5g with spreader card.
product code: AK-455-5G
Silver Compound 450
High performance silver based thermal compound with high thermal conductivity, 5g syringe complete with spreader card.
product code: AK-450-5G
TIM Clean
Thermal Interface Cleaner, fluid for all thermal interfaces. Citrus based solvent safe to use. Perfect for cleaning CPU, GPU or base heatsink.
product code: AK-TC
Thermal Adhesive Tape
Double-sided adhesive tape, excellent thermal conductivity, 80x80mm, micro-fibreglass reinforced.
product code: AK-TT12-80