Notebook Cooling Stand
ergonomic design with adjustable height
Product Code: AK-NBC-30BK / AK-NBC-30AL
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Alpen is an ergonomic cooling stand that helps to eliminate the primary cause of neck and back strain while working with notebooks. Five easily adjustable positions provide the optimum screen height for most for relaxed notebook use.

It is beneficial to lower the temperature of your notebook as they can get very warm and overheat. Two ultra quiet fans effectively cool the notebook base extending CPU, HDD and battery life. Cooler notebook also means the noise level of internal PC fans stays on minimum providing a quieter working environment.

Non slip rubber feet and a raised front support secure your Notebook in a comfortable position making keyboard use a pleasure. Alpen utilises a top cooling plate made from hi-grade aluminium available in black or Brushed aluminium.

Five height positions for eye level screen use
Stylish aluminium top panel with large grille for performance cooling
Two ultra-quiet fans with on/off switch
Powered directly from notebook USB
Suitable for 12”-15.6” notebooks