Reduces the temperature of your notebook with style
Product Code: AK-NBC-28BK / AK-NBC-28AL
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Libero is a lightweight notebook cooler for use on the go. Specially designed air intakes and side recesses for easy handling allow the cooler to sit on your desk or lap were ever you are and effectively cool your notebook PC. This keeps the noise level of internal PC fans to a minimum providing a quieter working environment. The cooling performance will be enhanced when using the notebook on full load (i.e. gaming). Akasa Libero uses large mesh vents for improved performance. The cooling plate is available in anodized satin black or brushed aluminium. 

Powered directly from your notebook
Can be used as a simple notebook rest with fans switched off
• Large mesh vents improves airflow 
Stylish aluminium top panel enhances heat dissipation
Two USB ports enables a second lo-power device (e.g. mouse)
Ultra-quiet fans with on/off switch
Lightweight construction for easy portability
Suitable for 15.4” widescreen or below