Vegas HZ
Easily add vibrant RGB to your desktop by connecting the LED strip via USB. Strip light comes with dual control with extra microphone and a remote control with different pre-sets and options.
Product Code: AK-LD10-20RB
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Dual Control RGB LED Strip Light
with Music Sync
Music sync
Dual control
Vibrant colouring brilliance
Easy installation
2m LED strip length
Music Sync
RGB strip comes with an in-built high sensitivity microphone to
allow the colours to react and change according to the ambient sound.
Dual Control
Have dual control via the button switches, featuring a
microphone for music sync, on the LED strip or IR remote
control with pre-set RGB modes.
Vibrant Brilliance
Dont limit your desktop aesthetic, achieve illustrious illumination
with the pre-sets on the remote control, or use music sync to
change your lighting according to the
ambient music or sound.
Easy Installation
Installation could not be simpler, peel back the plastic
film and stick where you would like. Easily connect USB
to power LED strip without the need to install additional drivers.
2m LED Strip Length
RGB strip comes with 2m length giving you enough
length to decorate a large surface area. With the option
of cutting strip shorter if needed.