Venom R20
All-in-one liquid cooler
Integrated RGB LED Lighting
Product Code: AK-LC4002HS03
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• Liquid cooling kit for custom fan choice
• Integrated RGB LED Lighting
• All-in-one liquid cooler design for easy installation
• High precision CNC Copper base for high efficiency heat transfer
• New low noise 4-pole pump reduces vibration
• Durable large diameter tubes provide smooth and quiet flow
Integrated RGB LED Lighting

4-pin RGB LED connector

   Millions of colours
Support RGB control
devices and motherboard
lighting control applications
" U - shaped " Micro fin flow path design
Oxygen-free copper base
High Density FPI (fins per inch)
radiator for rapid heat transfer
Reinforced four layer tube
1st layer
Thick layer of rubber for better protection
3rd layer
High-density leak-proof tube
2nd layer
Fiber mesh for structural reinforcement
4th layer
DuPont liquid-impervious nylon tube
4-pin RGB LED connector