Ultra premium 120mm water resistant case cooling fan, featuring advanced structure design derived from the automobile industry. IP68-rated rotor technology that delivers the ultimate balance between ultra-performance and silence. Rubber mounting pins included.
Product Code: AK-FN110
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Elite Airflow Optimised Cooling Fan
Advanced auto industry structure design
IP68 rated rotor technology
Advanced blade technology
Intelligent PWM speed control
Easy to clean
Rubber mounting pins
Advanced Blade Design
Advanced S-flow design provides a stronger and more centralised airflow making it perfect for either pushing cool air into a case or pulling hot air out of the case. Ideal also for heavy duty applications.
Perfectly Fine-Tuned P-Q Curve
Otto SF12 has been carefully fine-tuned for optimising airflow in the intersection relative to the PC case fan applications in order to maximise the overall performance of the fan.
Advanced Auto Industry Structure Design
Patented spring-like anti-vibration structure ensures minimum vibration noise output. Coupled with fibre-glass reinforced polymer able to perform in most demanding surroundings.
Water and Dust Proof for Heavy Duty Applications
Superstrong materials and water resistance make Otto fan incredibly durable. IP68 rated rotor able to withstand dirt, dust, sand and water.
Intelligent PWM Speed Control
Intelligent PWM speed control ranging from 0-2000 RPM, ensures efficient and silent cooling delivery during higher and lower loads. Connected via a 4-pin connector.
Ingenious Rotor Technology
Three phase motor provides smoother shifts between the slots, this
lowers unnecessary vibrations combined with unmatched energy
Easy To Clean
Detachable frame provides convenient cleaning access without the need to remove whole frame.
Rubber Mounting Pins
Rubber case fan mounts; eliminate vibration and resonance given off by fans by isolating them from the case.