Viper Fan - Triple Pack
Complete black or white 12cm high performance PC fan. Super silent operation while delivering 30% added centralised airflow derived from S-FLOW fan blade Coupled with PWM function ranging from 600 - 1900 RPM.
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High performance S-FLOW blade fan
S-Flow fan blade design
Super silent with PWM
Hydro dynamic bearing
Anti-vibration rubber mounts
S-Flow Fan Blade Design
Smart fan design supplies 30% added airflow than a standard fan with same speed for a stronger and more centralised airflow.
Super Silent with PWM
Intelligent PWM speed control ranging from 600-1900 RPM, ensures efficient cooling delivery during higher and lower loads. Connected via a 4-pin connector.
PWM Splitter Hub
Includes 5 Fan PWM Splitter Hub Cable, easily expanding a PWM fan header into 5 PWM headers for greater connectivity and easier cable management.
Hydro Dynamic Bearing
Hydro dynamic bearing technology has an increased life span of bearings due to lubrication seal, as well as reduced vibrations resulting in a quieter performance.
Anti-Vibration Rubber Mounts
Easy to install and cut to size fan rubber mounts which lowers vibrations.