Black anodised case with striking maze design on top. Embedded dual aluminium core silently cools the Raspberry Pi 4. Features a reprogrammable power button, and concealed SD card for commercial system production.
Product Code: A-RA10-M1B
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for Raspberry Pi 4 Model B
Dual Solid Aluminium Cores
Embedded dual solid aluminium cores coupled with hi-performance
thermal pads conducts excess heat away from the key hot zones
of the processor and power management regulators to the
aluminium body. Keeping your Raspberry Pi 4 cool and running
smoothly without thermal throttling.
Superb Cooling Performance
Excess heat from the dual aluminium core is effectively transferred
to the all aluminium body which acts as a heatsink to dissipate
the heat to the surrounding. Ensuring the Pi runs at optimal
thermal performance
, even under higher loads.
Contemporary and Made-to-Last Design
Solid aluminium case provides durability and long-lasting use. With
striking Maze-like design for stunning aesthetics and functionality,
which means the case look great in any environment.
Reprogrammable Power Button
Reprogrammable and convenient power button to easily power on
and off the system without having to remove the power source from
the Pi 4.
Perfect Feature for Commercial Applications
Concealed SD card for commercial systems production where access
post-system production is not required.
Easy Connector Accessibility
Full I/0 support including GPIO, Ethernet, USB, camera and
display connectors. Purpose-designed Wi-Fi signal window to
optimise Wi-Fi and Bluetooth signal connection.