Pi-4 Pro
Beautifully crafted, aluminium case. Thermal kit with heatsink top cover cools and protects Raspberry Pi 4. Full I/O opening support.
Product Code: A-RA08-M2B
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Aluminium case
with thermal kit
Go fourth and cool your Raspberry Pi 4
Hi-performance Thermal Kit
Customised thermal kit with heatsink top cover conducts heat away
GPU and USB 3.0 chipset.

Thermal kit :
Thermal pads / Aluminum blocks
Optimal thermal performance
All aluminium body is sturdy & provides efficient heat
disspiation ensures the system runs optimally, even
under heavy workload.
Contemporary styled heatsink top cover and refined look makes it perfect in an array of
applications such as media streamer, home automation & other Raspberry Pi based
Easy access to external connectors.
Full I/0 support including GPIO,
microSD, Ethernet, USB, camera
and display connectors
Optional DIN rail
bracket or wall
mounting kit