Pascal CTN
IP65 waterproof fanless case for Intel簧 NUC 11 Pro Core i3 (Tiger Canyon)
Product Code: A-NUC70-M1B
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Pascal CTN
IP65 Waterproof fanless case
for the Intel簧 NUC 11 Pro Core i3 (Tiger Canyon)
Perfect For Harsh Environments
Build with Intel簧 NUC 11 Pro (Tiger Canyon) systems up to Core i3, making it perfect for harsh environments and applications such as traffic management, scientific analysis, security, factory automation.
Fully water & dust proof
Excess heat from Core i3 and GPU dies are effectively transferred from the thermal module to the all-aluminium body which acts as a heatsink to dissipate the heat to the surrounding. Ensuring the system runs at optimal thermal performance.
IP65 Rated Cables
Power adapter cable, USB3.0, HDMI cable and network
cable included. (length: 2m)
Perfect for the
Pascal CTN is perfect for
navigation, multimedia, digital
signage, automation, car PC, 
medical and outdoor fields, etc.
Compact Design
1.7L aluminium chassis designed for the Tiger Canyon Core i3, perfect for applications where a discrete and compact IP65 system is required.