Plato NE
1U Low profile aluminium fanless case for Intel簧 NUC 11 and 8 Compute Elements and Board Element (U-Series) (Elk Bay, Chandler Bay and Butler Beach)
Product Code: A-NUC59-M1B
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Plato NE
Fanless case
for Intel® NUC 11 and 8 Compute Elements and Board Element (U-Series)
• Aluminium fanless CPU cooling design
Create a Compact and Versatile System
Build with the Intel® NUC 11 and 8 Compute Element
(Elk Bay and Chandler Bay) powered by Core i7 or i5
with vPro, for a compact and flexible solution.
1U Low Profile Design
1U Low Profile Design chassis designed for the modular
Intel® U-series NUC Board Element (Butler Beach) with the
corresponding Intel® Chandler Bay.
Excellent Heat Dissipation Technology
Aluminium fanless cooling design
Array of Applications
Perfect chassis as a small form factor, powerful system for digital
signage, kiosks, security surveillance to POS applications.