Hard Drive Cooling Kit
Eliminates HDD vibration noise and provides superb cooling
Product Code: AK-HD-03BK
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This passive black aluminium HDD cooling kit effectively reduces temperature, vibration and hard drive noise. Aluminium heatsinks with thermal conductive tape attach to both side of the HDD to improve heat dissipation and enable mounting of the 3.5” HDD in the 5.25” PC bay. Lower working temperatures means longer HDD life. Rubber suspension eliminates HDD vibration and prevents structure born noise and resonance. Suitable for IDE PATA, SATA I/II and SCSI HDD (5200, 7200 or 10000RPM).

Black aluminium passive heatsinks
Extends hard disk life
Eliminates vibration noise and resonance
High performance thermal conductive tape pre-applied
3.5" to 5.25" HDD conversion