four port USB hub makes technology simple
Product Code: AK-HB-03BK
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CONNECT4 is a stylish and ultra compact solution for utilizing the continuously increasing number of USB devices that connect to your computer. Printers, scanners, cameras, memory sticks, MP3 players, external hard drives – all require USB connection with the PC system. The Akasa Connect4 USB hub can easily expand the netbook and computer connectivity so next time you want to copy pictures from your camera, add more music to your MP3 player or backup your data you don’t have to search for available ports or unplug already connected devices.

The ultra compact design makes it a smart and mobile solution eliminating cable clutter and providing easy access to USB ports. Powered directly from a USB port and is also compatible with optional 5V power adapter to support high power devices. The akasa ultra mobile four-port USB hub is a digital lifestyle product making technology simple.

Stylish & compact solution for mobile connectivity
Enables fast connection for up to four USB devices
Maximum data transfer speed of 480Mb/s
Power on LED, data transfer LED