Super slim SATA 3 right angle cable with latch, perfect for tight fitting systems. Data transfer rate of up to 6Gbps backwards compatible with previous SATA generations. Coupled with latch for a stable and secure connection.
Available in: 50 and 100cm
Product Code: AK-CBSA09-05BK / AK-CBSA09-10BK
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Super Slim SATA III
Right Angle Cable
Transfer speeds up to 6Gb/s
Backwards compatible with
  SATA 1 and 2
Right angle connector with latch
Flexible and easy
Right Angle Connector with Latch
Right angled connector allows cable to remain rigid by removing the need for a hard bend and helps fit in tightest of spaces. Latch helps provide a more secure and stable connection between connectors.
Flexible and Easy
Slim wiring allows cable to be bent at 90簞 with minimal damage risk. Length of 50cm or 100cm, means it is long enough to connect drives without hassle and maintaining excellent cable management.
Transfer Speeds up to 6Gb/s
Akasa SATA 3 PROSLIM cable has data transmission rates of up to 6Gb/s delivering superior performance.
Backwards Compatible with
SATA 1 and 2
Akasa PROSLIM supports all data SATA devices such as HDD/SSD hard disks and optical drives for CD/DVD/Blu-ray. Also backwards compatible with previous SATA generations for hassle free connection.