RISER BLACK PRO provides the ultimate showcase of your GPU by vertically displaying it in the PCIe slot area of your chassis. Features premium PCIe 3.0 x16 riser cable for connecting your GPU to the PCIe slot on your motherboard and a sturdy metal holder for your GPU.
Product Code: AK-CBPE02-20B
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Vertical GPU Holder with
Premium PCIe 3.0 Riser Cable
Sturdy Metal GPU Holder
Holder is made of high-quality metal structure to maintain rigidity, ensuring the ultimate showcase of your GPU is provided. GPU is displayed vertically at the PCIe slot area, fitting into your mid or full tower chassis.
Easy Installation and
Discrete Aesthetics
Easy to install over several PCIe slots. Coating in black for a discrete look, giving full attention to your showcased GPU.
Premium Riser Cable for
High-end Graphics Cards
90° connector on riser cable PCB with premium quality solder points & gold plated contacts ensures GPU & PCIe motherboard plug-in connections are reliable and durable with no signal loss.
Powerful EMI Shielding and
High-speed Bandwidth
EMI shielding eliminates interference and performance degradation
during transmission to ensure a stable connection with no
performance loss at the full PCIe 3.0x16 bandwidth, to
support even the most demanding gaming systems.
Easy Cable Management
Super-thin, 5-wire banded ribbon design in 200mm length provides a clean look for easy cable management.