HDMI to DisplayPort Adapter cable
Easily connect your HDMI enabled laptop or PC to a DisplayPort enabled display or projector. Features additional USB cable for low-voltage devices. Supports up to 4K@60Hz.
Product Code: AK-CBHD24-25BK
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Adapter cable
Easy connection of PC / NB
with HDMI port to a display,
monitor or projector
with DP port
Hassle Free & Improves
Easily plug-and-play your HDMI enabled laptop/PC to
a Displayport monitor/projector. Features additional
USB cable for optimising compatibility
with low-voltage device.
Experience Vivid Clarity
Delivers up to Utra High Definition 4K resolution at 60hz and channel surround
audio. Backwards compatible with displays supporting lower resolutions.
Portable with Superior Stability
Compact design makes it ideal for business presentations as it can be stored with your
laptop. Advanced Integated Circuit converts stable HDMI signal to DisplayPort signal.
Wide Compatibility & Applications