Vegas M - Gold
Easily add vivid gold lighting to your desktop by connecting the LED strip via a molex 4-pin connector. Light strip comes with magnetic attachment for easy installation and reusability.
Product Code: AK-LD11-50GD
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Magnetic LED Strip Light
Vivid gold lighting
Magnetic installation
Energy efficient
Extension compatible
Compact design - Bright, flexible & reusable
Vivid Lighting
Gold LED strip offers strong and vivid gold colour lighting to your desktop, brighter than your average LED strip.
Magnetic Installation
Vegas M - Gold comes with 10 strong magnets capable of sticking to common desktop chassis with a metallic frame, for wider customisation combined with improved flexibility. Magnets allow for strip to be removed and reused an unlimited number of times without losing strength.
Energy Efficient
Gold LED strip is energy efficient with low wattage consumption.
Extension Compatible
Extension links can be used to increase LED strip length by connecting another strip at the end, improving cable management without the need to add more power cables.