Copper core Intel i7 cooler designed for:
Intel Core i7 and Core i7 Extreme processors
Product Code: AK-980
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AK-980 uses a high engineered heatsink with a large full height copper core and aluminium fins. The Omni-directional heatsink ensures airflow is directed to all motherboard components located around CPU (like voltage regulators), which is crucial for keeping the system stable and functioning up to full potential. Each aluminium fin splits into two (bi-ped) to double the dissipation area.

A large 10.7cm open frame fan provides increased airflow with minimal noise. The PWM fan function ensures the RPM is automatically regulated by the motherboard according to system usage and temperature. This means under normal operating conditions, the CPU fan speed is relatively low maintaining low noise levels.

Intel approved board push pins ensures reliable retention and easy installation.

Full length copper Ventilated core for rapid heat dissipation
Automatic fan speed management (PWM)
Open fan frame design increases air induction
Bi-ped fins maximise heat dissipation
Intel approved push pins for reliable retention
High performance thermal interface pre-applied