Blue Aurora
Big, Bad and Blue
Intel Pentium 4, Pentium D, Core 2 Duo & Core 2 Quad
Product Code: AK-966BL
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Akasa Blue Aurora cooler brings together style, ultra quiet computing and hi-performance cooling.
The Blue-LED 12cm fan provides massive airflow while Intel approved power management (PWM) ensure the noise levels are always on minimum. Our bright blue-LED will bring light and add colour to your system interior.
The technology underlying the Blue Aurora’s exceptional performance is the U-shape heatpipe system. Four extra long U heatpipes ensure rapid and even heat transfer from the copper base to the aluminium fins. 35 fine fins measuring 65x120mm provide a large dissipation area for the ultimate cooling performance.
A special mounting bracket with backplate and screws ensures extra-safe cooler retention and perfectly even contact with CPU. The specific fan positioning enhances the VRM cooling (VRM - CPU Voltage Regulator Modules located on the motherboard). Hi-grade thermal compound is supplied.

Blue-LED 12cm fan with PWM
Four U-shape heatpipes give rapid heat dissipation
Copper base for maximum heat absorption
Thermal compound supplied