965 BLUE
Blue LED heatipipe cooler designed for
Intel Pentium 4, Pentium D, Core 2 Duo & Core 2 Quad
Product Code: AK-965BL
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Blue is the colour – The award winning AK-965 has been transformed into a cooler that would grace anyone’s PC system. The 92mm fan has four LED, crystal clear frame and opaque blue rotor blades that illuminate bright blue when the cooler is operational.
The AK-965BLUE delivers unrivalled performance in the 92mm fan class and adds colour with style to the system.
The lo-noise AK-965BL uses a copper base for maximum heat absorption with three long U-shape heatpipes for rapid and even heat transfer. 45 aluminium fine fins facilitate rapid heat dissipation. The lo-noise 92mm round frame fan uses INTEL approved power management (PWM) ensuring efficient and quiet cooling. Intel reference push-pin retention is used for safe and easy attachment. The specific fan positioning directs dedicated airflow for VRM cooling (VRM - CPU Voltage Regulator Modules located on the motherboard). Thermal compound is pre-applied. 

92mm blue-LED fan with crystal clear frame and opaque blue blades
PWM controls fan RPM in line with CPU usage for lo-noise cooling
Three U-shape heatpipes give rapid heat dissipation
Copper base for maximum heat absorption
Intel reference push pins for safe and easy retention
Thermal compound pre-applied