Low profile CPU cooler with side blower fan for AM4 socket, up to Ryzen™ 9 at 75W TDP.
Product Code: AK-CC1109BP01
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AM4 Low Profile CPU
Cooler with Side
Blower Fan
• Side blowing fan
• Solid copper heatsink
• Spring-loaded screws
• Twin ball bearing fan
Side Blowing Fan
1U low profile height ensures less space is taken up and perfect for server setups with cramped configurations. Side blowing fan forces hot air produced by the CPU out of the heatsink.
Solid Copper Heatsink
Copper heatsink provides faster heat transfer from CPU to heatsink due to its heat conductivity properties.
Spring-Loaded Screws
Spring-loaded screws allow for a consistent
and balanced connection, as well as a higher
vibration tolerance to make sure that
connection remains intact.
Twin Ball Bearing
Twin ball bearing reduces friction because of a lower surface area resulting in a longer fan life span.